software hacking

The term “hacking” is typically wrongly associated with malicious intent and security breaches. However, in reality, it is a discipline within which its practitioners wear very different “hats”, some which may come as a surprise to some. Ethical hacking, or white-hat hacking, is a term used to represent individuals who would use the same techniques as a malicious black-hat hacker, however, with the intention to benevolently attack systems on behalf of their owner in order to assess their security before the bad guys do.

Ethical hacking (also commonly referred to as penetration testing) is a field of cybersecurity where security professionals test web applications and network infrastructure for security vulnerabilities. While it requires deep knowledge of how systems work and how to break them, they also need tools to do their job and make their life easier to get results quicker to their customers or other stakeholders. This is where a vulnerability scanner like Acunetix comes into play.

Acunetix is a vulnerability scanner that focuses on automatic security auditing for thousands of web application vulnerabilities at speed and scale. Testing everything from Cross-site Scripting and SQL Injection to web server security, Acunetix provides ethical hackers, developers, and stakeholders alike with the necessary tools and software integrations they need to effectively discover and remediate web application vulnerabilities before the malicious actors have an opportunity to exploit them.

Acunetix achieves this by combining a re-engineered crawler and scanner with a vast array of highly tuned test cases, intelligently designed to run as fast and efficiently as possible.

Unfortunately, while thorough, manual security testing by a penetration tester is time consuming, expensive, only provides point-in-time security assessment (security tools are not run continuously), and does not provide a scalable approach when organizations have several hundreds or even thousands of web applications to test.

Fortunately, automated pen testing software like Acunetix allows organizations to test their web application security quickly, cost effectively and, most importantly, continuously.