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Learn with Fun is specially designed for those who want to explore their knowledge in computers. Courses listed in the “Learn with Fun” pack are easily understood by any user even who does not have a computer background. Students can create their own websites, Mobile applications, small games, learn python, promote business online, learn basic ethical hacking, designing mobile applications, blogging easily by taking this course. On the completion of this course students can apply for our Rs. 1 certificate through our online store. 

Courses in Rs. 3,499/- Pack "Learn with Fun"

Mobile App Development Courses

Mobile App Development

Topics we cover:- 

1. Introduction to mobile apps

2. Designing of Android app from basic

3. Understanding About the programming

4. Understanding the designing of Android application

5. Understanding the use of database 

6. Creating the Android Application with functionality at the end of the class

Ethical Hacking Courses

Ethical Hacking

Topics we cover:- 

1. Basic of Ethical Hacking & Introduction about Kali Linux

2. How to take remote access using computer virus and trojan?

3. How to create a phishing page using a set toolkit in kali linux? 

4. How to hack wifi aircrack-ng ?

5. How to hack websites using SQL Injection and how to break the login password of any website? 

6. How to sniff passwords from any computer without interaction? 

7. How to down any website/networking using DOS Attack? and many other

Online Game Development Courses

Game Development

Topics we cover:- 

1. Introduction to javaScript

2. What are functions?

3. What are Objects used?

4. User inputs & set Handling

5. Drawing the Game on javascript editors


Wordpress Website Designing Online Courses

Website Designing

Topics we cover:- 

1. How to install WordPress on your localhost or Online Server?

2. Basic features of WordPress and how to use that?

3. How to select theme and customize based on our requirement?

4. How to design a web page and how to make it attractive?

5. How to use elementor plugin to design your own customize page?

6. How to install plugin and use forms to collect user enquiry from website. 

7. How to secure website from any malicious hacker using firewall?

8. How to publish your website on Google using domain & server?

UI/UX Designing

Topics of UX

  1. Visual Design Principles.
  2. Interaction Design
  3. Wire framing & Storyboarding


Topics of UI

  1. User Centred Navigation.
  2. Visual Design fundamentals for the Web and mobile app.
  3. Hands on assignments
Blogging Online Courses

Blogging Courses

Topics we cover:- 

1. How to register your own blog on blogger website? 

2. How to customize blogger website based on your requirement? 

3. How to edit simple theme available on Blogger theme gallery?

4. How to add new theme on blogger and customize it like a website?

5. How to design your blog according to your requirement?

6. How blogger setting options works, and also check the features of blogger?

7. How to post on blogger and increase the organic searches?

8. How to analyze website traffic and how to improve your blog according to it.  

Python Online Courses

Python Programming

Topics we cover:- 

Module 1 – Introduction to Python and Computer Programming

Module 2 – Data Types, Variables, Basic Input-Output Operations, Basic Operators

Module 3 – Boolean Values, Conditional Execution, Loops, Lists and List Processing, Logical and Bitwise Operations

Module 4 – Functions

Module 5 – Modules, Packages, String and List Methods, and Exceptions

Module 6 – The Object-Oriented Approach: Classes, Methods, Objects

Digital Marketing Online Courses

Digital Marketing Courses

Topics we cover:- 

1. What is Digital Marketing? How SEO is different from SMO?

2. Types of Digital Marketing?

3. What is SMS Marketing? What is What’s App Marketing? 

4. What is Email Marketing?

5. How to manage your social account like Instagram & Facebook?

6. How to register your business on Google?

7. How to increase traffic on website?

8. How to handle your Facebook Page?

9. How to handle your Instagram Account? 

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