Junior Diploma


Junior Diploma of ASD ACADEMY is specially designed for Kids (5th Class to 9th Class). Students from very small age at just 10 year can start learning about Programming, Secure Coding, Cyber Security, Networking etc. Main concept behind this diploma is to prepare kids for International Competition organized by MNC’s like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. With the help of our Academy kids can apply for these type of exam and can take part in the competition.

MNC’s companies, who are conducting these type of competition is basically looking for potential candidates for their freelancer works as well as for their research work. If student will be able to clear this exam Multi-national companies will offer them huge rewards which will be in Lack’s as well as they offer Jobs also, it’s doesn’t matter what is the age of your child. Kids can prepare for various International exam in our Junior Academy based on Programming & Hacking

With study, student will get chance to work in more than 20+ companies for Internship, 40+ Live Projects, 10+ Internship Letter, 20+ Certificates, 2+ Startup’s. Students will also get chance to delivers various lectures on Interested subject in colleges/schools. We train students for Jobs as well as for Business so that students can start their own company at very small age. Students prepare for International exam to get direct Jobs in Multi-National companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook based on their Skills.

Course Details

Batch 1

Duration: 3 Year + 12 month Internship (Optional)
Admission Open: 1st Nov 20XX
Batch Start’s: 16th Jan 20XX

Batch 2

Duration: 3 Year + 12 month Internship (Optional)
Admission Open: 1st March 20XX
Batch Start’s: 10th July 20XX

"With this course you can crack these exams"

Our Diploma Details

1st Year is a basic semester for Programming, Networking, Ethical Hacking, Computer Forensic etc. Students need to prepare 2 Projects within these 1 year as well as students will go under various Personality Development Training, English Spoken Training, Interview Skills, Digital Marketing Training, etc. We will also train students for small startup’s. In this Semester students will spend daily 2 hours a day.


2nd Year is an medium level of this diploma where students will learn International courses from Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, Google and many other companies. Courses in this Semester are itself in high demands like OCJP of Oracle is already in high demands in the field of Software. Students also went through different kind of Internship with Multiple companies approx 5-6 companies and 10-15 Live Projects. 


Semester 3 is an Advance Part of this diploma where students will be enrolled in some MNC’s Internship in every field of computer science like Software Development, Android App Development, Web Designing, Digital Marketing, Networking, Cyber Security. In this Semester students will also learn FBI Investigation technique for solving Cyber Crime Cases. In this year students will be enrolled for various International Exam. 

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