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We provide training for College/School Students as well as for Industry professionals. We offer various courses in C, C++, Networking, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Java, Android, Computer Forensic etc. Students can also apply for the Summer Internship, to see the list of courses offer by ASD please click below.  

One of the fundamental components of any risk strategy is to first understand how vulnerable or susceptible you might be. A standard mantra in the industry is, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” We can help you gain a comprehensive overview of your environment and discover potential vulnerabilities with our IT Security Audit and Assessment Services.

Solve your project’s problems with our Dedicated Teams services, build a Software, Mobile app, Website, Digital Marketing, Security Testing, VAPT that ticks all boxes, finish the digital transformation with our spot-on IT consulting. We orchestrate an inventive mindset and a structured approach for the maximum benefit of our customers.


This is a ‘pins -to-tanks’ engagement with companies, where the onus for effective investment, utilization and management of IT infrastructure services lies with the Inspace’s IT consultants and their team.

The IT consulting team literally becomes the extended IT team of the client and completely takes over the management of companies’ IT infrastructure. 

Vulnerability Assessment 24*7

Are you looking for a Vulnerability Assessment for an Under-development or Fully developed Web Application/Mobile Application/ Servers ? Just Submit your details & Get your Vulnerability Assessment Report after 48 Hours at Just Rs. 10,000/- by our “Experienced” and “Certified Security Engineers”. 


To get a good certification holds a trust of your client on you. International Certification helps you to enhance your knowledge as well as it place an add-on value in your resume.

We provide more than 100+ certification like Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, AWS, ITIL, ISO etc.

To Inquiry for certification see the list of certificate that we offer.  

Because you deserve to shine.

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