About Us

Why Us

  1. Will cover every 5 stream of computer science.
  2. We teach 90% Practically and 10% Theoretically.
  3. Will get good Opportunities to listen lecturer of Market Experts.
  4. Get chance to attend International Lecturers.
  5. No Extra subjects, will decrease the student burden.
  6. Will work in Industry with in schooling period of time.
  7. Students will actually learn Technical Skills instead of theoretical learning.
  8. More practical will create more interest of student towards the studies.

Our Mission

  1. The mission of our Academy is to provide best quality of education and excellence in academic.
  2. ASD Academy prepare student to develop their technical skills for the professional needs of the MNC’s in terms of Skills, Practical, Experience, Personality, Certification.
  3. ASD Academy 1st priority is to maintain a good quality education with fluent English speaking skills and stress free environment.
  4. The aim of our Academy is to prepare a student for the upcoming competitive world to get the dream job.
Diploma in Programming

Our Goal

"To Achieve Benchmark Of Technical Education Par With Global Standard"

  1. The Academy will maintain and enhance its reputation and record for providing high quality teaching and record for learning of international standards.
  2. ASD Academy prepare students for the MNCS, the prime focus of our team is to provide a platform where our student can prove themselves completely with the excellent output.
  3. ASD will be recognized and respected as Professional, Innovative, Profitable information, and knowledge based Logistics/Services enterprise.

What Is ASD Academy ?

  1. This Academy works on a students technical skills.
  2. The Course of this Academy is made according to the needs of market.
  3. The stream in this Academy covers the actual requirement of multinational companies( MNC’s).
  4. Student will prepare for the MNC’s.
  5. One student of ASD Academy will have a potential of 5 students of B. tech, BCA, Polytechnic.
  6. 6 Months training will be given to the students in every stream of Computer Science.
  7. The Academy will provide an International platform for the students.
  8. ASD will update it’s course module in every 6 months .according to the need of market and companies.
  9. ASD Academy course will be made on international platform, so that students will get good course module verified by industries Experts.


  1. Student will cover all 7 stream of Computer science in Academy.
  2. Student will work on International ,National &Govt. Projects.
  3. Student will learn Updated modules and work on latest technologies.
  4. Students of ASD will be able to work in any stream of companies in Computer science.
  5. Student will work in industries for 6 months in the period of training.
  6. Student will be learn more then the B. tech, BCA, Polytechnic (CS).
  7. Weekly test will be conducted for the students.
  8. Students will be polished throughout in their personality .
  9. All students will be given special attention in their streams.

Because you deserve to shine.

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